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The Recreation Ground, Bath

Extending over 6 hectares, the Rec is in the heart of the beautiful world heritage city of Bath.  It has played a valuable role at the heart of the community for over a hundred years.

The Rec hosts a wide range of sporting and recreational activities.  It is the home of Bath Rugby and accommodates the Bath leisure centre.  Events held at the Rec include; cricket festivals, the Bath Half Marathon, the Bath Lacrosse tournament, school sports days, concerts and shows.  



The Trust

The Recreation Ground was conveyed to the City of Bath Corporation on 1 February 1956.  It was managed, in practice, as part of the Council's estate.  However, the legal effect of the conveyance was clarified in 2002, when the High Court declared the land to be a charitable trust.  This confirmed that the Recreation Ground was a Trust with the Council as sole Trustee.  A Trust Board was then established to manage the Trust's affairs. 


The Trust Board

The role of the Trust Board is to take policy decisions and issue guidance for the day to day operation of the Charity.  The Board has to operate within the legal framework applicable to Charitable Trusts. 

The Trust Board currently comprises Elizabeth Bloor (Chair), David Durdan (Vice Chair), Stephen Baddeley, Derwent Campbell, David Dixon, Don Earley, Simon Emery, Geoffrey Fairclough and Michael Laughton.  Brief profiles are given through the link: Trustee Profiles.


The Objectives of the Trust

The objectives describe the legal purpose of the charity.  These were contained in the deeds to the conveyance of 1 February 1956, which said: 

"The use with or without charge of the whole or any part or parts of the property hereby conveyed for the purpose of or in connection with games and sports of all kinds tournaments, fetes, shows, exhibitions, displays, amusements, entertainments or other activities of a like character and for no other purpose and shall maintain equip or lay out the same for or in connection with the purposes aforesaid as they shall think fit but so nevertheless that the corporation shall not use the property hereby conveyed otherwise than as an open space and shall so manage let or allow the use of the same for the purposes aforesaid as shall secure its use principally for or in connection with the carrying on of games and sports of all kinds and shall not show any undue preference to or in favour of any particular game or sport or any particular person club body or organisation."

The Role of the Charity Commission

The Charity Commission has a responsibility to ensure charity law is followed. This means that it can scrutinise any decision made by the Trust and, if necessary, intervene if a decision has not been made in the best interests of the Trust or is outside of the Trust's stated purpose.






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